Best Way to Promote Your Company by Social Networking Sites

Best Way to Promote Your Company by Social Networking Sites

Every company with at least an interest in having a social media presence has put their brand online in at least one of the major social networking sites. While these businesses will not make nearly as much of an impact as those that whole heartedly pursue a strong social media presence, even those who are trying to use just one site to its full extent may be overlooking important aspects.

These sites are meant to be easily used by any and all consumers, but also have deeper content and greater uses that are not known by everyone. If you are serious about using these sites in the social media marketing of your company, be aware of these aspects and consider their benefits.

Facebook Notes

While these can be informally used by people on the site, company’s can turn Facebook Notes into a type of surrogate web page or article. By creating a strong layout and using photos, these can look more professional. Additionally, Facebook ranks notes well on the news feed, exposing followers to more of your content.

Twitter Cards

Web pages can be programmed to display Twitter Cards when linked to on the social media site. Tweets that contain a link will provide a drop down that contains a peek at the page, giving followers a chance to better see the sites that are linked. There are seven types of cards that display information, photos, apps, videos, and products.

YouTube Captions

YouTube allows users to write and upload their own captions for their videos, which has two unique benefits. First, by writing your own captions, you will get rid of the laughably inaccurate ones created by the site’s application. Hearing impaired users will thank you for this. Second, search engines crawl these video transcripts, which can boost your videos rankings online.

LinkedIn Company Pages

By giving your company a definitive presence on LinkedIn, you will be able to better connect with other businesses and people in your field who are strictly looking to make professional connections. These pages will also provide information on your services and products while spreading information about your company’s goals.

Google+ Hangouts

Because of their ability to allow multiple people to converse online at the same time, companies can use Google+ Hangouts in two different fashions. First, companies can advertise a specific time in which customers and followers can talk with members of the business and discuss various topics. This can help clients feel more connected and bring focus to various products or services. Second, businesses can use it internally to connect employees with one another when they are physically separated to create better communication within the company.

Internet marketing is an extremely broad spectrum however by utilizing some basic techniques; one can achieve what he/she wants. Paragon Marketing Inc. is a US based firm specialized in promoting businesses through social networking sites.

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