Four P’s of Marketing World

Four P’s of Marketing World

As the time progresses, the marketing techniques are also keep on changing. Naturally the definition of marketing is still exactly the same; market your brand/product, develop consumer interest and wait for the reward. Nevertheless the strategies many of us utilize to advertise our services have considerably developed. In 1960, Jerome McCarthy formulated a method called ”FOUR P’s”, which has substantially changed the face of marketing today.

Product – It is a fact that a huge number of brands name their products unique and distinctive. Where one is created, an exact similar one is born. The internet reveals the products world-wide and provide customers the supremacy of choice. Which take us to the next level i.e. price.

Price – Buyers understand their privileges. With a variety of options easily available on the web, price is an influential aspect in which brand a buyer pursues primary attention. Comparison web-sites have shaped buying very simple for buyers. Instead of marketing the product, a large number of brands are generally subject to market their price.

Promotion – Exposing products or services comes in almost all sizes and shapes. The internet provides a number of routes in which to follow customer interest. This feature of world-web implies that nearly all brands use interlink method. Campaigns can be tracked and modified to ensure that utmost return on investment is attained.

Place – The web offers a simple platform for geo-targeting. Whether it is through paid advertising, affiliate marketing or social media, companies can easily design the advertising campaign towards their targeted area. Additionally, buyers can also easily locate companies. The smart use of search engines implies that by using productive SEO strategies, customers may trip across a brand/company without even knowing they existed.

Final Words:
The above 4P’s of marketing world provides a detailed insight of a critical aspect of successfully taking a product to market. Paragon Marketing Inc. is specialized in online promotion of products and services, serving its clients all over the globe since years.


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